Getting to know the province of León is embarking on a journey through your senses, being prepared to taste, see, smell, touch… and listen.

León is “the land of infinite contrasts”, here the traveler can find from the highest summits of Los Picos de Europa to the vastest plains, to the South, the land of fields, passing through riverbanks, valleys and moors.

The UNESCO has given five worldwide recognitions to most of the mountain of León, for its biodiversity and huge ecological value. All this makes the province of León the European territory with the largest concentration of natural protected spaces like biosphere reserves.

This prestigious recognition guarantees the visitors a stay in natural places without comparison, where they can practice all kind of action and adventure sports in the heart of nature, in the lands of bears and of the capercaillie.

León is also “Jacobea” land, not in vain, it is the territory with the most kilometres of the itinerary to Compostela.

The pilgrims can count on an important and cared for network of hostels and a big “jacobeo” feeling for each of the towns and villages that cross the way which guarantees its good route and a service to fulfill the requirements of the traveler.

León is a province full of attractions in each of its corners, in all of its regions, which display a seductive legacy to its visitors, inheritance of a city with an extensive and rich history, which has been a silent witness of its evolution through time. León is a land of traditions and ancestral rites which have become of cultural reference at a national level.

This ancient kingdom, full of history, has been able to preserve the vestiges which men have continued sowing across the land, towers, castles, fortresses and palaces, reflecting beyond doubt the power which the nobility had and which has been reflected in the buildings they built, old fortresses, neuralgic centers of medieval life, which ensured the security of the territory and which today are the heritage that shows an unquestionable sign of identity.

Traditions and customs merge in the province of León becoming explicit in its popular architecture with deep roots, inheritance of a remote past, which has continued evolving but keeping a popular scenery and architecture which merge in a perfect balance, originating sets of population which are the perfect coexistence union between men and nature.

As for gastronomy, the province offers a wide variety of overwhelming and tasty dishes inherited from the most ancient recipes. A gastronomy with traditional ingredients, varied and very different depending on which region we find ourselves in, a recipe based on the knowledge of the people from León and the high quality products.

In the province of León you must seize every moment, you must never be in a hurry, you must soak up and enjoy everything it has to offer. Nobody should miss a visit to the Caves of Valporquero in which you succumb to its spectacular formations; the Maragatería and Cepeda with a popular and identifiable architecture; Astorga as a mandatory stop; the Hoces de Valdeteja and Vegacervera, a nature show which you can go through; the Picos de Europa National Park which has in its part of León the best kept secret; or you can visit the region of Bierzo with Las Médulas as a World Heritage Site; go through each of its biosphere reserves stopping the time for a moment… And the same happens with a long list of places, towns and corners of which is best not to be told about because discovering for yourself becomes quite an experience.





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